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The events of October 7th will leave an indelible mark on all of us, perhaps none more profound than the impact it has had on the younger generation. For them, the soldiers on the front lines represent not just the defenders of our nation, but also parents, siblings, friends, teachers, administrators, faculty members, and school alumni.


The students at ATID, dedicated to providing unwavering support to our troops, their families and the families of the South, have taken swift action to collect and deliver essential provisions like food, medical supplies, and life-saving protective gear. School facilities equipped with kitchens have been repurposed to prepare homemade meals, while student volunteers traverse the country to ensure these vital supplies reach our soldiers safely. However, the need for support continues to grow.


As we brace for an extended period of uncertainty, with the possibility of actions on the northern border, the demand for protective equipment and provisions is increasing at an unprecedented rate.

Join Atid students as they support our soldiers. Atid schools, teachers and leadership student clubs will continue their social impact and manage the donations you make to make sure our soldiers are safe and supported.

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