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The past few weeks are marked by unimaginable loss. As the war continues, restrictions on travel and access to basic resources have a profound impact on our sense of safety and well-being. Nowhere is this felt more than with our young people, who having just recently re-established a regular routine of school, social and communal activities, are once again returning to distance learning and remote socialization. 


For some, this is disruptive and disconcerting. For others, it is an insurmountable challenge as they lack even the necessities of a computer and internet required to participate. It is our responsibility to ensure their stability - educationally, socially and communally - so that they can see beyond the current challenges and continue to envision and work toward their personal and professional futures with the commitment that ATID has made to ensure their success.

The total amount needed for ATID's students is $579,800 for 1,115 computers.

You can make an impact by donating in one of the following ways:

• 1 computer: $520

• 10 computers: $5,200

• 25 computers: $13,000

• 50 computers: $26,000

• 100 computers: $52,000

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