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Empowering Communities: Building Resilience and Hope Together

Updated: Apr 18

Friends of Atid was thrilled to have the honor of hosting the Jewish Federation of Greater Hartford. Led by Chair Jill Dulitsky and CEO David Waren, this visit was a powerful display of solidarity with our students during challenging times.

The mission's first stop was Atid Ohr Chaya in Ashkelon, where a rocket strike had recently hit. Witnessing the resilience of students who find safety and stability in our schools was a poignant moment for all. 

The journey continued at the ATID Joanna Jabotinsky Youth Village in Be'er Yaakov. Here, the Federation members engaged in volunteer activities with our students, many of whom are new immigrants from war-torn regions of Russia and the Ukraine. This interaction highlighted the strength and hope that our educational community fosters.

This visit from the Hartford Federation was more than support, it was a testament to the global Jewish community's unity. In these trying times, such experiences remind us of our collective strength and the importance of standing together. 

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