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The ongoing conflict, arriving at perhaps the most divisive period in Israel’s history, has brought our nation together. It is critical that we leverage this moment of unity to nurture a culture of understanding, dialogue, and collaboration among Israel’s youth. Atid's Pathways Program is designed to facilitate constructive dialogue, share resources, build personal and collective resilience and the foundation for empathy and unity during this time of conflict and in the future.  

ATID, operating over 64 schools, serves over 25,000 students from across the geographical, cultural, religious and socio-economic spectrum of Israeli society, including Secular, Religious, Ultra-Orthodox, Bedouin, Druze, At-Risk and Na’ale students who immigrated without their families, many from war-torn Russia and Ukraine. 

ATID is therefore in a unique position to provide educational and enrichment programming that encourages solidarity, support and empathy through activities and discourse across the cultural spectrum of Israeli society. The Pathways Program offers a platform for these critical interactions, bringing together ATID students from varied sectors in the spirit of cooperation, cross-cultural learning, mentorship, and the honing of conflict resolution skills. Pathways projects include academic, creative, and athletic projects such as:

•    Student and Teachers Leadership Programs
•    Academic Competitions, Literature Circles & Debate Forums
•    Tackling Social Initiatives & Community Building
•    Tech & Cyber Competitions
•    Creative Collaborations in Music & Art

The Pathways Program not only responds to the immediate challenges posed by the ongoing conflict but also works towards a long-term vision of fostering a more inclusive, empathetic, and resilient Israeli society by nurturing a generation that is equipped to navigate the complexities of a diverse society and committed to building bridges of understanding and cooperation in adversity.

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