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Israel at War

Stand Strong with Atid:
Fueling Hope to Our Students 

Resilience in Crisis
Friends of Atid Israel Emergency Campaign 

The past few weeks have been some of the toughest our nation has faced in its 75-year-old history. Responding to the urgent needs in support of the ATID community, including over 26,000 students in 65 schools, Friends of ATID has launched a “Resilience in Crisis” campaign to raise critical funding for:

•    Support for the families of 9 ATID alumni tragically killed in battle
•    Assistance for the families of 71 ATID staff members serving on the frontlines
•   Resources for ATID students who made Aliyah without their families, many fleeing war-torn Russia and the Ukraine only         to find themselves in the midst of another conflict
•   Equipment and infrastructure for the under-served ATID communities lacking computers, equipment, infrastructure and       resources for distance learning and long-term lockdown
•  Educational and enrichment programs targeted to the wide spectrum of ATID communities to create a cross-cultural              discourse of solidarity, support and empathy 


See below to learn more about how your partnership can support the ATID community during these challenging times.

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