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The past few weeks have been among the toughest our nation has faced in its 75-year history. The recent events have deeply affected our communities, especially the younger generation. ATID schools, including our students, faculty, and administration, have swiftly mobilized in response. Not only have we been supporting our front-line soldiers and displaced families by gathering and distributing essential supplies, but we've also been ensuring that all our students are equipped for effective distance learning and online engagement during these challenging times.


ATID's students are in urgent need of 1,115 computers, and we cannot afford to fall short. Friends of Atid, together with Chabad of Delaware County, and under the leadership of Rabbi Tzvi Altein and Mrs. Rikki Altein, aim to support one of Atid's schools in Kfar Habbad that needs 10 computers to facilitate online education for its students. We call on your help to raise $5,200 to meet our goal.Every dollar counts, so don't hesitate - join us today in making a real difference!

Thank you for standing with Israel and Atid during these challenging times. 


Am Israel Chai!

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