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The outbreak of unspeakable violence on October 7th caught our nation by surprise and the ongoing conflict has profoundly unsettled our sense of security. Unfortunately, for some, it is all too familiar. For students who immigrated to Israel, many without their families, from the war-torn regions of Russia and the Ukraine, it is a transition from horror to horror, which they now endure without the support of their loved ones, in a country not yet their own.

One student recently asked a staff member if maybe it would better that she return to the Ukraine because, “that’s the war I know.”

The ATID Joanna Jabotinsky Youth Village, founded over 70 years ago, is home to the students who arrived as part of the Naale program. Given that the village, located in Be’er Yaakov, is a designated necessary establishment, it is required to operate during times of emergency, and is therefore currently populated by 22 staff members and their families, in addition to the 70 Naale students (250 typically reside in the dorms).

The students, considered a vulnerable population even in the best of times, require constant engagement, attention and activities to restore their faith in humanity, and bolster their resilience during this uncertain time. In addition to the psychological trauma they continue to endure, their sense of insecurity is magnified by the village’s inadequate security system. The village currently lacks a camera monitoring system, does not have sufficient bunkers to accommodate all residents, and does not have a “kitat konenut”, a critical emergency response team, which we have learned from the brave actions of Inbar Lieberman can make a crucial difference in life-and-death situations.


We are seeking funding to address these pressing security and well-being needs, which include:

  • Installation of a Camera Monitoring System: Implementing a comprehensive camera monitoring system to enhance the security and safety of the village, providing real-time awareness and deterrence.

  • Construction of Additional Bunkers: Expanding the capacity of safe shelters to ensure that all residents, staff, and students have a secure place to seek refuge in times of crisis.

  • Establishment of a “Kitat Konenut” (Emergency Response Team): Creating a dedicated emergency response team capable of rapid and effective action during critical situations, enhancing the safety and preparedness of the village.

  • Additional Staff & Training: To provide more extensive and enhanced care for the students

  • Workshops & Enrichment Activities: designed to engage the students academically, psychologically and physically, re-building their sense of safety and security


The students were brought to Israel with the promise of a better life, in the safety of the Jewish state.  While we cannot control what has happened, we can stand by that promise and allow them to envision a safe and secure future in their homeland.


Camera Monitoring System:                      $40,000

6 Additional Bunkers:                                  $150,000

Kitat Konenut (Equipment & Training):     $20,000

Staff & Training:                                             $40,000

Ongoing Enrichment:                                  $30,000

The ATID Joanna Jabotinsky Youth Village, located in Be’er Yaakov, is an educational and agricultural “green space” in the heart of the city. Providing high-quality education since the founding of the State of Israel, the school has 1,300 students in Middle and High School with a matriculation rate over 90% and a technical college. The school promotes a variety of enrichment and extra-curricular activities including an on-site agricultural and dairy farm, technology labs, and MADA training.

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