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ATID Educational Network

Making a Difference

About Atid

ATID educational network is a social education network breaking ground in Israeli society and committed to excellence and shared life with mutual respect. Through this network, we are building the future generation and creating innovation and change in the community.


As educational-social generators, schools are focal points for joint activities, social initiatives by students, teachers, and parents, social activity, and community participation.


Breaking down boundaries through innovation in pedagogy - For graduates of our schools to succeed in society, academia, and the workplace, they need a toolbox of skills, knowledge, and values. In our innovation centers and schools, we are developing effective models to impart these tools while considering our students' emotional, social, and academic development.


To stay ahead of the game, we work with employers, academia, and the community. We strive to break down boundaries and build bridges to the future by actively integrating technology and modern pedagogy into our curricula.


Our goal is to empower our students with the skills, knowledge, and values necessary to succeed. We want to create a learning environment that is engaging and inspiring and that prepares our students for the ever-changing world.

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Atid in Numbers

26,000 Students

Award wining Schools
3 schools in Israel's top ten

37 Districts

65 Schools

Founded in 2004

Serving at-risk communities with diverse demographics

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